Business Messages helps North Carolina courthouse reduce call volume by 37%

Tango Technology is a software company specializing in enterprise conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for the public sector. The company partnered with Wake County Courthouse, part of the state Court System in North Carolina to help reduce the influx of court-related inquiries and boost the efficiency of staff using Google’s Business Messages.

Tango Technology, Raleigh, NC, U.S.A.

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Google’s Business Messages has helped the public sector respond directly to citizens in real time during the COVID-19 pandemic by reducing staff workload and cutting costs for agencies.”

Sam Tate, Co-Founder, Tango Technology

Customers chat with Wake County Justice Center though Google Search

Customers chat with Wake County Justice Center though Google Search

The summary

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Wake County Courthouse received a substantial influx of phone calls for COVID-related concerns. It became apparent that being able to provide the public and attorneys with around-the-clock access to information would significantly reduce the pressure on courthouse staff. In April 2021, Wake County Courthouse partnered with Tango Technology to launch a new initiative powered by Google’s Business Messages. The objective was to answer or redirect frequently asked court questions, reduce the number of phone calls to the courthouse, and increase overall efficiency.

The challenge

Wake County Courthouse had an urgent need to make court-related information available to the public 24/7. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, phone call inquiries from local citizens and attorneys about scheduled court cases had increased at the same time that staffing numbers had plummeted. The courthouse needed a communication tool that would help reduce the thousands of calls being received every day.

The approach

Needing a solution that could be deployed right away, Wake County Courthouse partnered with Tango Technology, an Artificial Intelligence-driven software company, to rapidly roll out Google’s Business Messages. Using Bot-in-a-Box, a feature from Business Messages that helps set up AI-powered conversations, Tango Technology was able to customize a solution for Wake County Courthouse, Justice Center, and Clerk of Superior Court in a matter of days. The initial launch included natural language processing, enabling the system to recognize and respond intelligently to user inquiries. This made it simple for users to continue to be served through technology without having to wait for the courts to call them back or visiting the courthouse. After seeing immediate success, Tango Technology then customized Business Messages to offer enhanced capabilities and innovative functionality, expanding the rollout to 130 courthouses.

"With the combination of Google's Business Messages, GCP, and Dialogflow, we were able to spin up an AI-driven bot for the courts in days. And the technology stack allows us to continually improve by adding functionality in an agile process." - Mike Lotz, Co-Founder, Tango Technology

The results

After launching Google’s Business Messages in combination with Tango Technology’s chatbot, during Spring/Summer 2021, there was a 37% decrease in the call volume handled by courthouse staff. With 398,298 fewer phone calls during the first year of operation, the AI-based messages helped Wake County Courthouse work more efficiently and productively. Google’s Business Messages is now an indispensable part of the Wake County Courthouse communication infrastructure.

"The Business Messages chat feature allows a significant share of our clients to obtain information on the most frequently asked questions without having to tie up one of our team members. In a resource-poor working environment, anything that frees up resources is a big benefit.” - Wake County Clerk of Superior Court