Levi's blue jeans

United States | Retail

Business Messages drives 85% CSAT scores for Levi Strauss

Business Messages creates a stronger customer experience by enabling us to do a better job at ‘hearing’ shoppers, answering their questions and uncovering new ways to delight Levi’s fans.”

Rico Arrastia, VP Product Experience, Levi’s

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People chatting with customers for deliveries

Mexico | Logistics

Business Messages delivers higher CSAT scores for Estafeta

Right now it’s important for companies to have open, on-demand conversations with their customers, and Business Messages does just that.”

Paulina Torres Ocejo, New Product and Innovation Strategist, Estafeta

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Retailer using Business Messages

Germany | Retail

Business Messages improves TEDi pre-sales product support and customer service across 1,800 stores

Business Messages should be on everyone's digital roadmap for 2021. It’s an easy plug-and-play solution that improves how customers interact with your brand.”

Wassilios Marazopoulos, Corporate Development, TEDi

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People watching TV together

United States | Telecommunications

Business Messages reduces average handle times 28% for DISH

Business Messages is a powerful way to connect with our customers. We definitely want to expand our use of Business Messages in the future.”

Kathy Schneider, DISH SVP of Customer Experience Operations, DISH

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